• Advantages of flexographic printing press

    Advantages of flexographic printing press

    The sheet feed press, web offset press, web gravure press and flexographic press are the most widely used in printing newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements and packaging papers.

  • Huge demand and export volume

    Huge demand and export volume

    Company Profile  Qing Zhou Heli Packaging New Material Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Hong Kong which specializes in developing and producing materials of package and print. The company has most advanced multi-grade joint squeeze-lamination production lines, dry-wet joint lamination production lines ,multi-color flexographic printing machines in the100,000-grade-purification workshop of 6000 ,and also owns a strong technological force for developing and skilled workers.

  • Unprinted Aluminium foil paper

    Unprinted Aluminium foil paper

    Coextruded lamination packaging foil is a kind of eco friendly packaging foil achieved by coextruding layers of PE poly between several kinds of substrate materials and combine them into one integration, so this multilayer foil can be imposed multiple functions and advantages in packaging application, now these eco friendly foils are more and more widely used in packing pharmaceutical ,fast food,multi-plastic package field. Application Area Aluminum foil paper for wrapping alcohol swab,alcohole wet wipes etc

  • HELI was invited to participate in the CMEF China International Medical Device Expo in 2020

    HELI was invited to participate in the CMEF China International Medical Device Expo in 2020

    Qingzhou Heli packaging New Materials Co., Ltd. is a sino-Hong Kong joint venture, engaged in printing packaging, new packaging materials research and development, production of manufacturers.At present, the company has joint co-extrusion composite production line, dry and wet composite production line, multi-color flexo printing machine and 6,000 square meters of 100,000 level purification workshop.

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