• 03-10-2020

    Brick packaging material In Roll

    Short-term fresh milk, yogurt and long-term fresh dairy beverages 2, tea drinks and fruit juice and other beverages in the packaging. 3. Vegetable protein drinks, such as peanut milk.

  • 01-10-2020

    Alcohol prep pads / swabs packaging material manufacturer

    Alcohol cotton packaging manufacturer, preferential alcohol disinfection sheet packaging supply, Qingzhou Heli packaging New Materials Co., Ltd. is a collection of alcohol disinfection prep packaging production and processing, commercial services as one of the production companies

  • 29-09-2020

    Prism packaging material for milk,juice and beverage

    Aseptic packaging can remain aseptic for up to a year, hence the paper - plastic - aluminum composite packaging materials.It is a special food board as the packaging system of the base material, by polyethylene, paper, aluminum foil and other composite paper packaging.

  • 21-08-2020

    The Soft drinks packaging material management standards and requirements

    Nowadays , soft drink packaging material market in our domestic market mainly have the follows: glass bottle , Cans , PET bottle , and composite paper packaging material and so on

  • 17-07-2020

    Security measures of food packaging materials

    As the development and start of food industry in China is relatively late, there are still deficiencies in the establishment of relevant food packaging material safety regulations, and the existing laws and regulations also need to be further improved and supplemented. Due to the imperfect laws and regulations, the relevant functional departments did not play a role, so that the food safety management regulations were not implemented in place. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and improve the relevant safety regulations and standards, intervene from the macro level, require relevant regulatory units and technical departments to adjust the current packaging material standards, and gradually form a comprehensive and multi-level food safety guarantee system.

  • 14-07-2020

    Chemical Composition and Harmfulness of Food Packaging Materials

    In China, the production and use of paper has a history of 100 years. At the same time, paper packaging is also the most traditional food packaging method. This packaging method has good packaging performance and environmental protection, so the use of paper is relatively large. For a long time, paper packaging has been regarded as the most green and environmental protection packaging.

  • 09-07-2020

    The Situation Of Food Packaging Materials In China

    With the proposal of China's food safety law, people attach great importance to the safety of food. At the same time, China's quality inspection department also puts forward quality requirements for food packaging, and will carry out quality inspection on it. As the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth" food safety or not will have a certain impact on people's health, food packaging as the carrier of food will play a protective role in food safety, but if the packaging materials are not used properly, it will also pollute the food. Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of food, and there are more and more requirements for food packaging, which also leads to the possibility of food packaging material pollution.

  • 04-07-2020

    Aseptic packaging will become the direction of food packaging

    Aseptic packaging will become the direction of food packaging. Recently, CCTV's "investigation" column conducted food safety tests on packaged cooked food sold on the market, and some of the products exceeded the standard of Escherichia coli. Eating a lot of cooked food with excessive bacteria will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, food poisoning and other symptoms.

  • 30-06-2020

    Types and characteristics of plastic packaging materials in common use (5)

    The introduction and industrial usage of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer, Phenolic, Urea Formaldehyde

  • 30-06-2020

    Types and characteristics of plastic packaging materials in common use (4)

    The usage and advantages of Polyvinylidene chloride, Polycarbonate, Polyamide.

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